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Children Books & Educational Publishing Subcom


Children’s Books & Education Publishing Subcommittee Report 2012-2014


Children’s Books & Education Publishing Subcommittee Members and Associates: 

Peh Shing Woei, Chairperson (Shing Lee)

Sim Wee Chee (Alston Publishing House)

Catherine Khoo (Janus Education)

Joy Tan (Marshall Cavendish)

Andrew Fong (Pearson Education)

Duriya Aziz (Scholastic)

Kelvin Yoo / Michelle Yoo (Singapore Asia Publishers)

Seow Tse Meng (Star Publications)


In the year 2012-2014, the Children’s Books & Education Publishing Subcommittee had the following activities:


  1. We have a couple of briefing from MDA on their Media Development Authority (MDA) Grants Scheme in 2012 to 2013. These include DEVELOPMENT Assistance, PRODUCTION Assistance, MARKETING Assistance, TALENT Assistance and ENTERPRISE Assistance. Many of the members have benefited from these schemes.
    1. Developmental Assistance - Development Assistance provides grants that enable companies to develop an idea into a script, game design, manuscript or storyboard. Companies can also acquire IP rights to an existing work, for purpose of adaptation. This may qualify for Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC), which is administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).


    1. PRODUCTION Assistance - MDA will support up to 40% of the project’s total Singapore Spend. To encourage a sustained pipeline of projects, a further grant of up to 10% of the Singapore Spend on the current project can be used for the next project.


    1. MARKETING Assistance - Companies can apply for Marketing Assistance to defray the cost of expenses related to travel, as well as marketing and promotion of content at events listed here. These events are carefully reviewed on an annual basis and the selection is based on their relevance to Singapore’s media industry, their reputation and the strong industry attendance rate.


    1. TALENT Assistance - Talent Assistance has been enhanced with Training Allowance for freelancers and Enhanced Apprenticeship for experienced media practitioners. These new measures are made possible with the funding support from the National Productivity and Continuing Education Council (NPCEC), which is a tripartite council set up in April 2010 to galvanise the nation to achieve national productivity growth over the next ten years.


    1. Enterprise Assistance - Enterprise Assistance has been enhanced with the Enterprise Assistance (Productivity) scheme to help companies raise efficiency through process improvements and digital migration. This is made possible through funding support from National Productivity and Continuing Education Council (NPCEC), a tripartite council set up in April 2010 to achieve national productivity growth over the next 10 years. Enterprise Assistance (Productivity), administered as part of Enterprise Assistance, aims to stimulate process improvements in the media sector by catalysing the adoption of more up-to-date production technologies, especially in the critical workflow processes of content creation, content asset workflow management and automation. In addition, the scheme aims to widen consumption and monetisation footprint via digital migration.


  1. We have a briefing and dialogue session with Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD), Ministry of Education on 16th October 2013 on their directions in Teaching and Learning Resource Development.


    1. MOE will develop richer instructional materials to enhance teaching and learning in every school. One important initiative is to develop online resources that include the best lessons, especially on difficult concepts, taught by experienced teachers and specialists. This is a new way in which we can support our goal of enabling every school to be a good school with equal access to the best teaching resources.


    1. The aim is to provide Students with equal access to quality MOE-produced/curated/purchased learning resources to all students in order to support their learning and enable them to attain the Desired Outcomes of Education and to provide teachers with quality MOE-produced/curated/purchased teaching & learning resources that are closely aligned to curriculum outcomes and recommended pedagogies to uplift teachers’ professional expertise and efficacy.


    1. The Integrated Online Learning Space to be implemented by 2016 with online resources first and MOE-developed textbooks later.


    1. The future roles of educational publishers would include Editorial Services, Copyright Clearance Services, Illustration and Graphic Design, Licensing of resources to MOE, Printing and Distribution and ICT programming.


  1. We have a briefing and dialogue session with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Education on new directions in Integrated Online Learning Space on 21st October 2013.
    1. MOE is working IDA to tender out a common integrated online learning space to enhance students’ learning with rich and quality online learning resources that are aligned to MOE curriculum. Refer to item 3.


  1. We have a meeting with Tokyo Shoseki, the largest Japan Educational Publishers on 20th Feb 2014. 


    1. They provided an introduction of their company and products. 


    1. They indicated that they would like to work with location publishers to translate their content (Print and Digital) to English to be sold locally. Portion of the translation will be cover under the Japan Government would issue grants in support of this initiative.


Peh Shing Woei


Children’s Books & Education Publishing Sub-committee

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