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New Media Subcom


SBPA New Media Subcom Report 2012 - 2014

The committee was formally the Website subcommittee and was rebranded to take into account of the changing responsibility and role of digital information to the publishing industry.

The committee are made of 2 members:
Phil Tatham from Monsoon Books(formerly chairman of website Subcom)
Syed Ali Semait from Pustaka Nasional(chairman of New Media Subcom)

The committee decided to revamp the SBPA website and after evaluation of several website proposals, agreed to offer to Dylesic Association of Singapore to redo the website. The DAS have a social enterprise unit of its members who offer such services. 

Some of the new website features are:
Online registration of courses offered by SBPA
Online registration for new members
Online payment for subscription fees
Members login to change members particulars online.
Integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts of SBPA
Directory of members by genre of publishing
Subcommittee reports of activities

Another additional responsibility of the New Media Subcom was to set up the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts of SBPA. This serves as an outreach for members to keep aware of the latest happenings of members activities.

The committee also supervise the conversion of SBPA members Directory to ePub which is available for sale.

Several talks were organized by the committee to assist members with the challenges affecting the publishers with Facebook marketing, ebook developments updates and talks by ebook vendors, mobile app workshop and several online webinars and vendor events in Singapore.

The next year will see more integration of the new media subcommittee projects with other SBPA subcommittee events. We hope to keep members updated with the publishing industry activities in Singapore and outside Singapore.

Reported By

Syed Ali Semait
Chairman SBPA New Media Subcom


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