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2014 Agenda

The Training and Professional Development Subcommittee is headed by Exco member Paul Evans.

At the September 10th Members' Meeting, Paul made a presentation on how to conduct a Training Needs Evaluation, and launched the SBPA's Training Needs Survey. Results are currently being evaluated.

The Subcom is working in the first instance with the National Book Development Council, and is pleased to recommend the following training courses to SBPA members, and others interested in professional publishing training:

November 6, 2014 - Impressive Marketing Plans

November 7, 2014 - Copywriting Workshop


Training Subcom 2013-2014

Training Sub-Committee report for AGM 2014



The objective of the SBPA Training Sub-committee is to provide activities and support to members in all issues related to training and development with the aim of improving overall quality and standard of the local publishing industry.


The functions of the Training Subcommittee include:

  1. working with partners to develop training programmes in accordance with identified and prioritised needs
  2. liaising with relevant government bodies for grants to help offset training costs to members
  3. ensuring the effective execution of SBPA’s training activities
  4. maintaining a record of all training activities performed by SBPA


Over the past year, much of the focus revolves around searching and identifying reliable training partners to co-develop training workshops and programmes as well as executing them in collaboration with SBPA.


In addition to liaising with potential training partners, the association has also been keeping in close contacts with MDA and WDA to get up to date information on new/revised training supports.


In the coming 12 months, together with the newly elected Executive Committee, we hope to be able to bring in more fresh faces into the training sub-committee so that we will be able to plan and develop more fit for purpose courses that will provide the necessary skills upgrade for our members.


We encourage members to join the Training sub-committee so that together we can help create and execute more beneficial training programmes to all members. 



Reported By 

Andrew Fong

Chairman SBPA Training Sub-committee

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