About the Singapore Book Awards

The Singapore Book Awards is organised by the SBPA annually to recognise the best in Singapore book publishing. The first book awards was introduced in 2012. The awards are given to publishers for their best books, and are open to all book publishing companies in Singapore.

Books considered for the Book Awards must:

i) Be published in one of the four official languages of Singapore.
ii) Have a Singapore ISBN number, and hard copies must be legally deposited with the National Library Board
iii) Books that are sold in print must be sold in retail stores locally and/or overseas.
iv) For the 2018 Awards, books must be published in Singapore from 2 November 2016 to 1 December 2017.

Translated works (from a foreign language to a Singapore official language) are also acceptable, provided that they meet the above criteria.


Book Awards 2017     

The 2017 Singapore Book Awards Ceremony was successfully held on Thursday 20 April, at the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore. 

The winners of each category and Book of the Year were selected by a panel of judges comprising key industry personalities in Singapore known for their publishing, literary and media expertise. This year’s winners, selected from a shortlist of 38 finalists in seven categories, cover multiple genres including architecture, biography, history, drama, and supplementary educational titles. 

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2017 Awards, and look forward to more interesting and exciting submissions next year.

The Book Awards 2017 winning titles are:                                                                                         

Best Fiction Title

Publisher: Epigram Books

Author: O Thiam Chin


Best Non-Fiction Title

Publisher: Straits Times Press

Author: Susan Sim


Best Education Title

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education

Author: Shi Bin


Best Middle Grade/Young Adult Title

Publisher: Epigram Books

Author: Low Ying Ping


Best Children’s Picture Book

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Author: Michael Wang

Illustrator: Neal Sharp


Best Illustrated Non-Fiction Title

Publisher: Achates 360

Authors: Lai Chee Kien (writer), Koh Hong Teng (comic illustrator), Chuan Yeo (creative director)


Best Book Cover Design

Publisher: Global Publishing

Author: Danny Yeo

Design and Concept: Ling Poh Foong

Illustrator: Zhang Ling


Book of the Year

Publisher: Achates 360

Authors: Lai Chee Kien (writer), Koh Hong Teng (comic illustrator), Chuan Yeo (creative director)