Singapore Book Bazaar - Webinar


This hall will contain links to the webinars for the publishing community and the public.

The webinars are:

  • Understanding Your Rights And How You Can Benefit From Them – Jointly organised with Copyright Licensing and Administration Society Singapore Limited (CLASS), participants would be able to appreciate how a better understand of copyright would be beneficial for their businesses.

  • Launch of 2021 Singapore Book Awards – Ms Catherine Khoo, Managing Director of Experiences and Experiments Books and Chairperson of the 2021 Singapore Book Awards project will be introducing the 2021 Singapore Book Awards and to share the publicity that winners will enjoy.

  • Creating Video Assets – This is a 2-part webinar jointly organised with MUSE on how to create videos for your marketing assets.

Webinar - Understand Your Rights and How You Can Benefit From Them        Webinar - Singapore Book Award 2021        Webinar - Creating Video Assets