The concept of a book publishers association was first mooted at a workshop on “Book Publishing and Distribution” held in Singapore in 1966. The Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA), led by Donald Moore, was formed on 19 July 1968 by a group of publishers seeking to develop the then-fledging industry. The Association has guided the development of Singapore's publishing industry throughout the years and recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018. The trade association has also evolved with the times, with the transition in recent years from an all-volunteer Executive Committee to the establishment of a permanent Secretariat to run activities professionally.

The Association represents the interests of Singapore publishers who are engaged in a wide range of publishing, marketing and distribution activities in both print and digital formats. From 22 member companies at its inception, the Association has grown to accommodate more than 70 members who publish in all four official languages of Singapore.

Since its inception, the SBPA's objective has been to develop and strengthen the book ecosystem of Singapore in partnership with other like-minded organisations.

Spearheading the association to realise the SBPA’s objective are the passionate group of Presidents who have led the association over the years. They have brought the association to greater heights through their unwavering service for our tight-knit publishing industry. Here is a gallery showcasing our fervent leaders across the passage of time:




Photo from: Singapore Book Council Limited
From left to right: Koh Hock Seng, Charles Cher, S. Gopinathan, N.T.S. Chopra, Hedwig Anuar, Tan Wu Cheng and Triena Ong


1. Donald Moore (1968 – 1971)


2. Patrick Mowe (1972 – 1973)
Photo from: Singapore Book Council Limited


3. Koh Hock Seng (1974 – 1980, 1982 – 1988)
Photo from: Singapore Book Council Limited











4. John Issacs (1981)
Photo not available


5. Charles Cher (1988 – 1991)
(Second from left)
Photo from: Singapore Book Council Limited


6. N.T.S. Chopra (1992)
Photo from: Singapore Book Council Limited


7. K.P. Sivam (1993 – 1997)


8. Tan Wu Cheng (1998 – 2007)


9. Triena Ong (2008 – 2013)


10. Patrick Chan (2013)


11. Peter Schoppert (2014 – 2020)


12. Max Phua (2020 – Present)